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November 03, 2009
Military Action in Waziristan: Opinion Poll
A recent Gilani poll conducted during the last week of October 2009 by Gallup Pakistan shows Pakistani public's views and perceptions on the military action in South Waziristan.

Support for the Military Action: 51% support it, 13% oppose it and a significant 36% are unsure.

People Responsible for the Operation: Only 25% blame Taliban whereas majority hold America and Pakistan's own government responsible (35% and 31% respectively); 8% blame the Pakistan's Army, and 1% gave no response.

Effectiveness of the Operation: 36% are hopeful it will bring peace, 37% believe it will worsen the situation and 27% are unsure.

Whose War is it? 37% say it is Pakistan's own war, 39% believe it is Americas war, while 22% think that both Pakistan and America have shared interest in this war.

The recent Gilani poll was conducted in Pakistan by Gallup Pakistan, affiliated with Gallup International Association, among a nationally representative sample of more than 2700 men and women in the rural and urban areas of all four provinces of Pakistan. The sample comprised a cross-section of all age, income, education, and linguistic groups in the country. The field work was done face to face during the last week of October 2009.




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